16 Dec 2015

Adult Braces – What you Should Know

Dentists are of the opinion that it’s never too late to get that perfect smile. These days more adults are turning to wearing braces and there’s nothing odd seeing someone older than eighteen sporting a pair of braces.

Before and after orthodontic braces

Why Adult’s Choose to Wear Braces

Braces need not make you look like a metal mouth anymore. There are quite a variety of options to choose from, which are both light weight and aesthetically appealing as well. The main reason why adults are choosing to wear braces is because

  • They aren’t too painful and are easier to maintain.
  • Another reason could be that most parents might not have been able to afford braces but now that the children are grown up they could afford it themselves.
  • Having the perfect set of teeth can greatly change a person’s appearance. It can help in their personal and professional lives.
  • Once people realize that a set of perfect teeth is just a pair of braces away they don’t mind have them fitted for some period of time.
  • Another reason could be that misaligned teeth are prone to more dental problems. There is a greater build up of plaque. That’s why most people turn towards a corrective measure like braces.

Types of Braces for Adults

The following are a few types of adult braces

Traditional metal Braces

  • These braces are ideal for people who have a serious overbite or very crooked teeth.
  • It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways of getting your teeth to look perfect in the shortest while.
  • Metal braces cost a great deal less then clear or ceramic braces
  • People who tend to smoke a great deal would be better with wearing metal braces because they are less prone to damage.
  • However metal braces tend to be less appealing to most adults because they are quite visible and can embarrass an adult.

Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces are similar in shape and design to adult braces but they are tooth colored.
  • The wires of these braces are tooth colored as well so to make them appear less noticeable.
  • However one drawback of these braces is that they can become discolored if not cared for properly and they also tend to be slightly more expensive than metal braces.

Lingual Braces

  • Lingual braces look exactly like metal braces
  • However they are placed beneath the teeth instead of above them, thus making them less visible on the outside
  • The drawback is that they tend to be pretty expensive are quite uncomfortable to wear especially in the beginning.


  • For people who are a bit vain about their appearance invisalign offer much respite
  • These consist of especially designed clear plastic aligners which somewhat resemble clear mouth guards.
  • The aligners are removed every 2 weeks and replaced with new ones until the time the teeth become perfectly aligned.
  • These aligners do not cause much discomfort and people can eat and drink whatever they like
  • However these aligners are only available for teens and adults as they can come off easily and pretty expensive.

If you are thinking of getting that lovely smile you have always dreamed of, visit this Melbourne orthodontist website today for more information on braces for adults.

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