23 Jun 2018

Getting Plenty Of Storage In Small Apartments

Architecture had come a long way in the last few years. If we took a trip down memory lane to an apartment in the fifties and compared it to a modern day city apartment, you would find they are worlds apart. A good number of the older buildings have little to no storage space. It is like back then, all that mattered was having the four walls and a roof. Having a bathroom with working plumbing was a big selling point at some point but things have since changed. Unfortunately, with the growing population, you cannot just cordone off an old building and turn it into a museum. The only thing you can do is make an old space work by getting additional storage space. How, you ask. Well, here’s how.

  • Utilizing the unused spaces.

Have you ever watched a television show where someone has stored contraband in the walls and the police rip off the drywall? Well, if you are anything like me, then you have seen the storage potential that lies behind drywall. You can install a knee-wall dresser for examples which will give you a fully functional dresser without you losing out on any floor space. If a dresser is not what tickles your fancy, you could also get a mini-closet in there and use sliding doors to further ensure that you maintain the little space available.

  • Look into having storage cubbies

Even though you live in a small space, you may still want to have all the comforts that would come with a luxury apartment or a suburban home. However, if you live in a small apartment or maybe even a studio apartment, you may want to consider storage cubbies instead of a traditional shelf. The cubbies can be stacked up making a beautiful shelving unit and they are especially useful when it comes to kids’ rooms. Unfortunately, getting storage options for a living space is not as easy as solving the storage problem for a fridge but cubbies are the closest thing to Tupperware as far as storage facilities for the home go.

  • Take your kitchen back to the Victorian era

Once upon a time, all plumbing used to be visible. You can get some old copper pipes and use them as a storage unit for your pots and pans. The pipes not only give your kitchen character but they are also great conversation starters. So, you would be saying goodbye to uncomfortable dinner parties or at least making them easier.

  • Get all the non-essential stuff out of the house

Sometimes, our lives become cluttered because we insist on hoarding everything. However, you could save a lot on space by sorting through what you don’t really need and getting them into a storage unit while you try settle into a home which is big enough, until then visit this site for more information on storage facilities around Melbourne.

 that big house in the suburbs. Self-storage has become more and more essential over the years especially since it gives an answer to how to handle stuff that is dear to you. No one wants to throw out their childhood pictures but at the same time, you are making new memories every single day and you barely have enough for those ones. What you can do is pick out a few favourites, maybe two or three, frame them and box up the rest. The best thing about storage units is that they are relatively cost-effective but the bigger the spaces are, the more you will have to pay for them.

Whether you live in a small New York one-bedroom apartment or an even smaller studio, you can have as much storage space as you want simply by being innovative.

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