18 May 2016

Top 3 types of SEO Services That Can Help Your Business

While you peruse through different SEO services in Melbourne, you may be wondering what actually sets one company apart from another. The real truth is that these SEO service providers use different philosophies, methods and tools for optimizing their client’s sites. This is what is known as ‘hat’ SEO services, and normally it comes in various hats.


In this short article, we are going to reflect 3 different types of SEO services:

Black Hat SEO

This is also called SEO Spamming. This is simply the creation of sites that are targeted at tricking or manipulating search engines so as to ensure better website ranking. The main reason why most people are interested in it is that it can make your website to appear on the top search engines rankings within the shortest possible time. It is also important to note that in terms of web design perspective; this is not a great SEO services strategy.

If search engines see that your site is jeopardizing their results, your site stands the risk of getting crashed or banned. Thus, if you are really interested in getting to the top search engine listings within few days, and are ever committed to flout some website behaviour guidelines, then get ready and use Black hat SEO services- it may do the magic you have always desired right now.

White Hat SEO

SEO StrategyThis relies heavily on the advantages of putting in quality and relevant contents plus effective marketing strategies. Those SEO Services Providers that are expert in white hat SEO services will depend mostly on your site contents. They will assist you in coming up with contents those users, and not necessarily search engines to your website.

In SEO building, the importance of quality contents can never be overemphasized. If you have good contents, then there is a high possibility of getting inbound links from high authority sites. To many, white hat SEO services are seen as the right and most effective SEO tool. It won’t make your site to get blacklisted; especially visitors who visit your site will keep visiting due to your amazing contents.

Grey Hat SEO

This is the mid-way between the above tools we have described. It is all about balancing between reward and risk. Most grey hat SEO services uses complicated strategies, and take big risk in producing high and fast search engine rankings. It is important to remark here that some Grey hat SEO obey search engine rules, while others don’t obey it. Those that don’t obey these guidelines will end up putting you at a great risk. If you subscribe for Grey hat SEO services, then you really need to be sure what you are subjecting your website to. This is very important.

Which hat is most suitable for you?

Major search engines like Google is of the opinion that black hat is bad, while white hat SEO is good, while grey hat SEO services is dicey. Don’t be deceived, because even some of those using black hat SEO services may end up telling you that it is effective and highly efficient. Having said this, it is now up to you to make the right selection.

Choose the SEO services you think is the right option for you. It is your vision, mission and objectives that will determine the type of hat that is good for you. Are you serious about your business? When we talk of serious business in Melbourne, we are excluding sites that promote adult and gambling sites. If you are serious, then white hat SEO is the most effective, give it a try today.

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