27 Jun 2016

Why Safety Signage Are Important

Safety signage and equipment for your personal protection are really important. This article will teach you how. It remains one of the eminent ways of communicating your real health and safety to the rest of the world.

Safety signage includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Fire alarms or Hand and acoustic signals
  • Illuminated signs
  • Marking of pipe work
  • Spoken communication etc

Traditional signboards

When we talk of traditional signboards, we are merely referring to the following:

  • Fire drills
  • Warning signs
  • Prohibition
  • Fire fighting equipments

All of the above are well known as safety signs. It is your duty to understand all safety signs and signals. These will help you, and you will never regret doing so.

Legal duties and rules

It is the sole duty of employers to provide their team with all the safety signs and signals- these will surely help them to avoid all the risks within their work environment. If there is a place where safety sign will not be able to avert any impending danger, then there is no need to mount the safety sign there.

Safety signs have special requirements, colour, pattern and shape. Every sign is expected to contain all the necessary pictorial illustrations or symbols. They must also be available in specified colour so that people can easily identify them.

Supplementary text

Most safety signs go with supplementary signs. This helps in aiding understanding. However, some cities and countries do not permit text-only signs.

Things employers should do

  • Employers must make it a point of duty to maintain safety signs
  • Any faded or defective signs ought to be replaced
  • It is the sole duty of the employer to explain all kinds of unfamiliar signs to their staff or employees. This will help them to understand and know what they should do in event of unforeseen circumstances

Safety signage is important and should be placed to all places so that people can easily have access to them.

Fire safety signs information

If you want to get updates on how to use fire safety signs, then you can actually get them from your rescue service or local fire authority.

Every state has their own enforcing authority for fire safety. Kindly go to them, and ask them to show you the rules. Make sure you keep to all the rules, failure to do so, you will likely be sued.

Rules and regulations

  • You need to obey road traffic signs, especially within the workplace
  • Specific safety signs should be placed in dangerous locations
  • Make sure that your employees are making use of the standard hand signals- this will help them for dangerous manoeuvres and for directing vehicles
  • Safety signs are expected to indicate safe practices, exit routes as well as prevent dangerous practices
  • Safety signs ought to comply with latest regulations
  • Make sure that your employees or visitors understand perfectly the interpretation of the safety signs and what should be done at all times.
  • Red sign means danger or prohibition
  • Amber or yellow sign means warning
  • Blue sign means mandatory
  • Green sign means emergency escape or no danger

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